Berserk 1 25 Complete English Dubbed

Berserk, the cult manga series written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura, is finally complete. However, it took over 25 years to make this amazing work finally reach the English speaking world. If you're an anime or manga fan that hates waiting for new releases then you need to read Berserk 1 25 Complete English dubbed because it's available in its entirety on Hulu thanks to Funimation Entertainment. The story follows Guts, a teenage mercenary who joins a massive military force in order to lead them into battle after they refused to pay him his bounty of 1000 gold pieces for killing a demon lord. Throughout the series, Guts faces many horrifying and often nightmarish scenarios as he fights on behalf of his comrades and for his own personal reasons. The theme of the story is the story is one of self-discovery and how a person must handle being a pawn in a world where everyone else is playing chess. Berserk 1 25 Complete English dub has been received very well by critics thus far. ANN's Jacob Hope gave Berserk a score of 8.5 saying that "In spite of some inexplicable omissions from the vast manga, Kentaro Miura’s violent fantasy epic gets an impressive English-language treatment from Funimation. It’s unfortunate that the casting is so far from what the text calls for, but as a whole, this is a faithful adaptation. Fans of the original Japanese can expect a slightly rougher translation that sacrifices “artistic” quality for clarity – though that may be more important to some – and having read it, I can safely say that I’m not sorry I waited. The quieter moments of a Berserk story are probably worth the wait however." In Japan, Berserk is also known as "The Black Swordsman". This is due to how the name is written in Japanese. There are some changes to this translation this time around. The first change is that the character of Farnese De Vandimion has had her name changed to Farnese Capuas. This also proves that this new English dub has nothing to do with the previous one which fans were complaining about because of its poor translation and casting choices. Another change is the name of Schierke, which was changed from Shierke to Serpico due to a possible copyright issue with a video game company called Square Enix. The English dub is very well done in comparison to the previous one. The casting of the actors suits their character perfectly. The action scenes in Berserk 1 25 Complete English dub are very well done in comparison to the previous version. The music is also very fitting with each scene in the show when characters are fighting or talking, which make it easy for viewers to relate to when they can feel like they are there when watching it. Each episode of Berserk 1 25 Complete English dub has been uploaded by Hulu for viewing on their website and on-demand/VOD platforms such as Amazon Video, Netflix, Google Play and iTunes.


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